Internet Studio Web Server Access Statistics
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Wen-Jyh Sheen since Sep 1995 / BIG5 Version is also available
During 2000 Jun 3 to 2000 Jul 2 ( 30 days)

Overall Summary

Requests Transmitted205,2322,054580110207,976
Bytes Transmitted677,411,458753,4641,912,68725,544680,103,153
Hourly Requests Transmitted285200288
Hourly Bytes Transmitted940,8491,0462,65635944,587
Daily Requests Transmitted6,841681936,932
Daily Bytes Transmitted22,580,38125,11563,75685122,670,105
Number of Hosts15,874
Daily Number of Hosts529
(Generated at Sun, 02 Jul 2000 17:59:13 GMT)